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3rd Ward - Bike Mechanics Classes

3rd WardEvery now and again we all have to face the ugly reality of bike problems like flat tires and gears that don't work. It's easy when you can go to a good bike shop nearby but at some point it's great to know how to do it yourself.

Well, here's your chance to get on the ball. 3rd Ward, a Brooklyn organization that's committed to spreading bike love, is a member-based design center that holds over 100 different classes every season, including circuitry, crafts, web design, photography and woodworking, all are open to the public.

3rd WardThis season they're now offering bicycle mechanics classes for the first time, geared (sorry) towards both beginners and more advanced bike enthusiasts. Beginner classes on Tuesday nights (7-10) and Intermediate classes Wednesday nights (7-10), both beginning in September. Taught by Steven Ma, who developed his skills at a not-for-profit bicycle co-op in Los Angeles where he was a head mechanic for the last two years, you'll learn how to adjust, maintain, and fix almost every part of your bicycle. As quoted in the course description "You'll become the envy of your less bicycle-able friends, and suddenly become quite popular when their bikes need fixing."

By the way, to "enhance the lives of their members" (see below), 3rd Ward gives away custom bicycles to each of their members and is the proud home to a community bike shop run by Band of Bicycles (their Facebook page), an organization that creates off-the-grid performances with a bicycle-powered sound system, bike blenders, and other ingenious inventions.

Bicycle Mechanics

So quit complaining about your bike and take a course.